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Connection and growth for new horizons

We take the initiative to offer you a platform where dynamic connections and personal growth take center stage. We focus on training, promoting online events and strengthening awareness.

Building connections, growing together

At the intersection of professional and personal

We provide personalized networking and professional development services, with an emphasis on comprehensive training. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in all aspects of your life.

Event promotion and collaboration

Maximize visibility and participation in your event with our astute and effective collaboration. We expand your horizons virtually.

Training and Personal Growth

We offer training programs specifically designed to promote your personal growth. Learn, grow and discover your potential.

Commercial Brokerage and Networking

Commercial Brokerage and Networking

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About our platform

A few words about Grupo Licenciados

We are committed to reimagining the future of networking and personal growth. As the meeting point for professionals, mentors and individuals looking to learn and grow, we are making training a more relevant and transformative experience.

We are proud to offer the highest quality services in the field of training, online event promotion and consciousness development.Our approach integrates the enhancement of personal and professional skills and competencies with spiritual and conscious growth.

  • Customized programs

    Tailor-made programs, adapted to the needs of our users and favoring their training and promotion.

  • Global Users

    Meaningful global connections for personal and professional growth anywhere, anytime.

Our Services

Customized Programs


Online Event Promotion

Maximize participation in your events with our efficient and insightful collaboration.


Training and Personal Growth

Programs tailored to your particular needs to strengthen your personal and professional development.


Spiritual Growth

Boost your self-knowledge and spiritual growth in a balanced and respectful environment.


Consciousness and Wellness

Boost your well-being by developing emotional awareness and balance.


Business Development

Elevate your business with our expert consulting and specialized business training.


Networking and Connections

Expand your network of professional contacts and forge advantageous and lasting business relationships.


Our best services

We offer you high quality connections, affordable training, event promotion, and personal and spiritual personal and spiritual development services.

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    Trained professionals

    Connect with high quality professionals in various areas. We train our professionals to provide the best possible service.

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    Accessible Courses

    We offer a variety of courses and programs at an affordable price. We encourage development without you having to worry about the cost.

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    Efficient and flexible

    Our services are efficient and tailored to your needs. Whether it's training, event promotion or personal development, we are here to support you.

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Collaboration for Companies

At Grupo Licenciados, we are in charge of offering an enriching and united environment to companies that operate in our area. If you are a company dedicated to training, personal and spiritual development, or the organization of events, we would be pleased to work with you and offer our services to maximize your reach and results.


Get all the answers

A platform created to promote training and personal and spiritual growth, also offering commercial intermediation services in an effective way.

Our platform is a dynamic space where users can easily connect with professionals from various fields. We strive to facilitate meaningful contacts and help you in a personal or business situation.

We offer a wide variety of programs and courses tailored to diverse needs. From personal growth to professional skills, our training is designed to help you on your path to success.

We encourage personal and spiritual growth by providing valuable resources, awareness activities and facilitating connection with experts in this area. We believe in the importance of mind-body balance for holistic development.

We provide intermediation services to help companies establish beneficial business relationships. Through our effective networking, we seek to facilitate business transactions in an effective manner.

Any person or company looking to grow, whether personally, spiritually or professionally, can take advantage of the resources and services we offer. We are here to help individuals, professionals and businesses reach their full potential.

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Our Mission

We are Grupo Licenciados, where we reconceptualize training and personal growth to face the challenges of the future. We distinguish ourselves for being an integral platform that combines the establishment of professional connections, the promotion of events and commercial intermediation in one place. Our main focus is on personal and spiritual growth. We believe that each individual has a unique potential and we are here to help you discover it and make the most of it.

Through a variety of services and resources, we encourage interactive learning, offer training customized to your needs and facilitate your development, both personally and professionally. We also create opportunities for you to connect with other professionals and companies through our efficient business brokerage service.